[CentOS] How do I debug the kernel?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Mar 6 22:31:19 UTC 2007

>> When you say "hardware" I start thinking jtag interfaces, or even more
>> interesting was this thing we would place every pin of the processor
>> through and then connect to the socket on the motherboard, but I think
>> I missing something.
> Oh, I remember that one. SoftICE it was called, I think. I'm not sure.
> That was many years ago. Yes, that is one option but, if I remember correctly,
> that debugging hardware had a small processor of its own, completely
> independant.

those were _REAL_ ICE (In Circuit Emulators), I haven't seen an ICE 
since the days of hte i286.

SoftICE was a software debugger that had some ICE like functionality, I 
remember it as a Windows kernel debugger.   I believe its now history, 
the company that created it was swallowed by someone else who later 
decided they didn't know what to do with it so they buried it.

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