[CentOS] Videos

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Fri Mar 9 00:37:30 UTC 2007

Ted Gervais wrote:
> I am trying to get my latest installation of Centos (4.4) to see videos
> when I am in www.cnn.com.
> I installed mplayer using yum and that went well. But I still get the
> screen from microsoft saying I need to install their plugin..
> What more can I do to get these videos to work when I use either mozilla
> or konqueror..

well,  FWIW, I played a sample video on there with Firefox on Windows 
XP, it says it -requires- windows media player (which of course, I 
have), and hwen the video played, the video streaming URL was...


I'm trying to find the javascript thats launching this on the player 
html/js source, without much luck, but Firefox tells me the video was 
delivered with mimetype: application/x-mplayer2

ah, and that asx file delivered from the above URL itself contains...

<asx version = "3.0">
  <param name="xmlFile" 
value="/video/world/2007/03/07/dinnen.cannabis.granny.cnn/pipeline.xml" />

(after I deleted a WHOLE lotta whitespace)

and, that dinnen.cannabis.granny.cnn.ws.wmv file itself is in fact...


but, none of these are getting me the actual video file, I'm probably 
missing something.

so, I'm guessing you need a video player that can interpret ASX XML 
headers, and then stream whatever they are pointing at.

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