[CentOS] CentOS 5 Beta Feels Snappier

Aron.Darling at Emulex.Com Aron.Darling at Emulex.Com
Thu Mar 22 15:34:16 UTC 2007

I have also noticed this.  I have not yet run CentOS 5 but have been
running RHEL5 for a month or so and it appears that after some time I
cannot open applications in the GUI?  Even simple ones like a terminal
won't open.  The task bar shown the application as "starting...." and
the mouse goes into "busy mode", then after a minute or so the
application starting goes away and the mouse goes back to the normal
state.  ?? I will have to see if I can get a machine running CentOS 5
and see if the issue is there too.

A. Darling

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Is it me or is CentOS 5 faster than FC6? I just switched and it seems
that CentOS 5 loads faster and overall feels snappier. Could Red Hat
have optimzed EL more than Fedora?. Just curious.

I really like what I see with CentOS 5. The devs have done a great job
making a profesisonal looking distro. An of course kudos to Red Hat for
all the engineering and for making the SRPMS available.

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