[CentOS] OT: RHCE Exam

Roy Ong centos-list at royong.com
Sat Mar 24 16:22:02 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-03-24 at 07:40 -0800, Shawn Everett wrote:
> > if you are good enough, taking the RH300 will ensure your pass. If you
> > do not take the RH300, you will likely get the RHCT if you do not pass
> > and you will get the RHCE the second time round...
> >
> This is something I wasn't aware of.  Are you saying that if I take the 
> RH300 fast track course and do OK, at the very least I'll end up a RHCT?
> That's a nice idea.
> Shawn
> PS.  I'm not asking anyone to violate an NDA, just looking for general 
> information.

Nope. Taking the RHCE exam (RH302) doesn't necessary mean that you will
end up with RHCT - you still must be able to complete all the required
RHCT competencies in order to earn the RHCT certification.

Here's the typical route for an "experienced" or "good enuff" 
:: Attend the Rapid Track (RH300) and then take the RHCE Exam (RH302)
where the requirements of the exams are as follows:

#### https://www.redhat.com/training/rhce/courses/rhexam.html

The two parts of the RHCE Exam consist of:
Section I: Troubleshooting and System Maintenance (2.5 hours)
Section II: Installation and Configuration (3 hours)

In order to pass the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam under Red Hat
Enterprise Linux 4, you must meet all of the following requirements:
a score of 80 or higher on Section I, consisting of five compulsory and
five optionals problems;
successful completion of the five Section I compulsory troubleshooting
problems within one hour of that section's start time;
70 percent or more on the RHCT-level skills in Section II;
70 percent or more on the RHCE-level skills in Section II.

These last two requirements enable RHCEs to demonstrate that they
possess both RHCT-level and RHCE-level skills, as well as enabling a
person who only has RHCT level skills to earn RHCT if they pass the
required competencies.

Candidates will be emailed exam results within three business days
following the exam.

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