[CentOS] DDR2 compile times (was Re: segfaults with 8 gig of ram)

tblader tblader at flambeau.com
Thu Mar 29 13:19:55 UTC 2007

Hello All.
Below are some compile times for 2.6.20 on an fx-62
running Centos64 with various 2 gig sticks of
dual channel ram (See previous posts with subject
of 'segfaults with 8gig of ram' for more details.)

It seems dual channel will compile a kernel faster,
but only gained around 30 seconds over 20 minutes.
Below are the shortest/longest compile times of
several compiles done over the weekend.

Compile consisted of make menuconfig (save .config)
time make dep clean bzImage modules

2 sticks dual channel @800mhz
10 samples
real 791.46
user 664.10
sys 93.85

real 799.88
user 665.30
sys 93.87

4 sticks dual channel @400mhz
5 samples (before it hurled booting)
real 876.19
user 712.98
sys 116.18

real 846.06
user 710.16
sys 115.42

3 sticks single channel @800mhz
6 samples
real 815.74
user 673.73
sys 108.30

real 822.95
user 674.32
sys 108.62


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