[CentOS] virtualizing Windows in Cetnos

Fri Mar 2 00:50:35 UTC 2007
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

On Wednesday 28 February 2007, Adam Thompson wrote:
> * Install the P2V tool on the workstation.  
> * Use the P2V tool to migrate the SBS server into a VM on your
> workstation.
> * Shut down the original SBS server.  Boot the SBS VM and *MAKE SURE IT
> WORKS 100%* before continuing.
> * Install linux on the original SBS server, overwriting the old SBS
> hard disks.

(AHEM...) If the server is at all important, DON'T OVERWRITE THE ORIGINAL 
DISKS. Spend $75 and get new disks. Even if they aren't cheapie SATA drives, 
the cost of a new replacement drive is so miniscule compared to the likely 
value of the data on the server. 

Put another way: How can you be truly sure that it works 100%? 

> * Install VMWare Server on your new linux server.
> * Shut down SBS VM on your workstation, and COPY the files over to the
> linux server.
> * Import the VM into VMWare Server on the linux server.
> * Boot the SBS VM... make sure it works before continuing.
> * Delete the VM from your workstation
> * Uninstall VMWare tools from your workstation
> * Done!
> There are quite a few technotes in the VMWare knowledgebase about
> moving VMs from one server to another.  The free "VMWare Server"
> product is closest to the "GSX Server" and/or "Workstation" products,
> so technical information on those two should apply (more-or-less) to
> the free edition too.
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