[CentOS] What is the stack size?

Tue Mar 13 15:19:54 UTC 2007
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I am installing the hsfmodem drivers for my ALI 5457 softmodem from 

The following warning is supplied:

*Note:* The default stack size in original Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 
kernels is only 4K. Because some drivers require more stack space to 
operate properly, we recommend using a kernel with a larger stack size 
if you experience problems or crashes. You can either rebuild your own 
custom kernel, or *get one of our replacement "stk16" kernels provided 
for your convenience* 
They are identical to the Red Hat kernels, except that the stack size 
was increased to 16K.

I ASSuME that Centos 4 also has a 4K stack?  Should I increase my stack 
size to 16K and if so, how?