[CentOS] Problem with Promise Ultra100 controllers & 2.6.9-42 kernel

Wed Mar 14 03:24:55 UTC 2007
Lee Parmeter <leejpar at yahoo.com>

When I boot my Centos home file server with the latest kernel,
2.6.9-42.0.10.EL, the two Promise controllers installed in the system are
unable to enable the 2nd IDE Channel on both cards due to a memory conflict.
The error indicates that the next block of memory is already allocated. So the
2nd IDE channel on each card does not get enabled. Listing of the two
controllers is below:

00:09.0 Mass storage controller: Promise Technology, Inc. PDC20267
(FastTrak100/Ultra100) (rev 02)
00:0a.0 Mass storage controller: Promise Technology, Inc. PDC20268 (Ultra100
TX2) (rev 02)

Looking at "config-2.6.9-42.0.10.EL", the driver is enabled and compiled into
the kernel.

Both IDE channels on both controllers are enabled OK on the previous installed
kernel which is 2.6.9-34.0.1.EL. Kernels before did not exhibit the current
problem either.

Anyone seen a similar problem or aware of a remedy?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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