[CentOS] What's the best way to convert a whole set of file systems?

Wed Mar 14 19:03:15 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

I am currently running a Windows XP system at home with around 100+ Mb
in use over ~400Mb of NTFS file systems.  I am installing CentOS 4.4 on
it when I change out the mobo/cpu/mem/video combo I just bought.  I want
to convert all the file systems to (probably) Reiserfs or maybe ext3,
but I need to do them one at a time because I only have enough transfer
space to accommodate the largest one, or at least that's my belief.
That would mean at least two copies per partition converted, and I have
six partitions to convert, from ~14Gb to over 85Gb (in one, only - the
rest are 30Gb or smaller).


1)       Is there a good way to do whole fs conversions, specifically
from NTFS to reiserfs or ext3?


2)       Do I even need to do this (i.e., do any of the CentOS/Linux
kernels support read AND write to NTFS)?


3)       Is there, by any chance, and in-place converter from NTFS to
any Linux fs, preferably reiserfs or ext3?


Also, the last time I installed CentOS on a system (I've done about six
or seven so far) I don't remember seeing reiserfs as one of the
supported fs's for configuring during the installation process - am I
blind or is this really the case?  I like reiserfs primarily because it
is really good with many small files, and I have tons of them - around
100k files under 10k.





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