[CentOS] automated install over network

Tue Mar 20 03:57:50 UTC 2007
Dave <dmehler26 at woh.rr.com>

    I've got a machine i'd like to put CentOS 4.4 on. Unfortunately this 
machine doesn't have a rom in it, just a floppy and a network card. I was 
wondering if i could boot it, then have it pick up what it needs to start 
the install off the network and do an unattended install vi nfs? Or, if 
that's not possible would it be possible to boot and load CentOS completely 
from the network bypassing the hard disk altogether? I don't need x on this 
box, in fact it doesn't have a monitor, most of the work it will do will be 
via ssh, or unattended stuff.