[CentOS] A few issues

Tue Mar 20 18:29:01 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

1)       Is this the right place for kernel internals questions and if
not, what is?  (Refresher: I am relatively new to Linux kernel
internals, but not kernels in general.  I've work on Unix and
proprietary kernels, including my first seven years as a professional
developing a whole system from the ground up.)


2)       I noticed this morning that my GLMatrix screensaver is not
working any more.  I poked around and found a whole bunch of others that
stopped working, including all the GLxxx screensavers.  Any particular
reason for this?  The matrix one worked a couple of days ago even when I
had to futz with the screen resolution and monitor resolution settings.


3)       Now that I mention it, I'm still having trouble running the
display configuration settings applet (it comes and asks for the root
password, then disappears).  What's up with that?  This happens here at
work and also at home....


4)       With but one partition left to convert from NTFS to ext3, this
one had to be the difficult one.  It's my old C: partition from which I
used to boot Windows.  Three times now, with cp and tar, it has hung
somewhere in the Documents and Settings directory and nothing brings it
back.  I managed to hang my whole system with a bad shell function, but
the reboot brought everything back.  I've gone to a
directory-by-directory backup, excluding the D&S until tonight, but I
was wondering if anyone knows why that one would be so difficult.  I
have no lack of disk space, so that's definitely not the problem.  It
stopped on one of the music player settings databases, slowing down at
each one progressively until it hit the one that hung it, and these were
hung for hours, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't just me being impatient.
Probably OT....




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