[CentOS] Kernel question(s): I/O handling

Wed Mar 21 18:37:05 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

I have been chasing down the way the inode and page caches are
structured and handled, but there is a mystery I have not been able to
track down yet.  How does the I/O queue that dirty inodes and pages are
put into when it's time to flush them out to disk get picked up?  Also,
where are the sources for the I/O schedulers?  I haven't been able to
locate them yet either.


I know this should not be too hard to locate, but it seems as though
there's some magic involved when the inode/page gets put in the i/o
queue and then <something happens here> and the i/o is scheduled and,
eventually, performed.




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