[CentOS] CentOS-5 beta Virtual Guest Setup Problem

Fri Mar 23 17:09:15 UTC 2007
Mark Snyder <mark at jmktdis.com>

Hi all,

Using virt-manager to install a fully virtualized guest of CentOS 4.4 from DVD media fails 
after reboot at end of anaconda install process.

Google has NOT been my friend on this but I know someone else has seen this problem, just no 
answers yet, and reading the docs has only resulted in more questions than answers (?my 

I think that the problem is in getting the vncpasswd for the reboot to display the GU.  The 
qumu-dm*.log file shows this as:

xs_read(): vncpasswd get error. /vm/8373baf3-8dd8-8559-19ad-546cf0283b0b/vncpasswd
issued domain 1 reboot

The xend.log and the virt-manager.log don't seem to be showing me any errors in the process, 
but then I just may not be interpreting them correctly.

My system is a supermicro X7DBE+ with 2 Xeon 5160, 8G RAM and 4 147G SAS drives setup as 
raid 10. I did set the BIOS to allow virtualization.  The CentOS 5 was a clean default 
install as a server GU with the virtualization option added.

I have to admit that at best I only know enough to be dangerous, (that would be on a good 
day) having come over to linux from another OS and am more at the user level than a sys op, 
but I am trying to learn.  Any help or hints would be appreciated.