[CentOS] Video drivers, bittorrent and Centos 5?

Sat Mar 24 15:22:28 UTC 2007
Scott R Ehrlich <scott at MIT.EDU>

At home I have CentOS 4.4 running on a Compaq Presario with an ATI Radeon 200G
video chipset.    Naturally, the linux driver support ATI offers are pretty
crappy, thus many postings to many web sites on problems and possible

I forget where, and natually I didn't bookmark it, but there was one web site
that provided the exact working solution.   From then on, my video support
worked flawlessly.

Now, with CentOS 5 coming out, what support will there be for this type of card?

My installation came from a bittorrent DVD.   The problem I have with this
method is how trustworthy seeded sites are for the download?   If I am
downloading 4, 5, or 6 CDs from a .gov, .mil, or .edu site, I feel it will be
much more trustworthy.   Granted, I could also outright pay for media from the
CentOS organization.

If someone can convince me that bittorrent is a 100% safe way to retrieve a copy
of the OS with no tampering, then I'll feel more comfortable.   Otherwise, I
will want to completely redo my machine with CentOS 5, from partitioning on up.

Thanks for any feedback/insights.