[CentOS] how can one get a remote acess command prompt on install cd via drac to eject ?

Sun Mar 25 06:01:49 UTC 2007
R Lists06 <lists06 at abbacomm.net>

Is there a way to get to get past the cga type centos 4 install screen where
it says 

To begin testing the cd media etc etc...... and shows the OK or SKIP

...and get to a "text shell command prompt" and *eject* the cd so I can
reboot the machine from remote???

I have a remote console drac connection, yet for once we sent the hired guns
home for the weekend and I am a just a tad bit too far away at the moment to
travel to it.

Would someone please share if they know?

Regards, and thanks in advance.


 - rh

Robert - Abba Communications