[CentOS] Cannot execute /usr/bin/fetchmail

Sun Mar 25 10:48:13 UTC 2007
Matt Arnilo S. Baluyos (Mailing Lists) <matt.baluyos.lists at gmail.com>

Hello everyone,

I'm setting up a fetchmail command to run every five minutes so I can
get email from another POP3 account. The fetchmail package was
installed via yum.

I can execute the command manually on the command line. But I'm having
trouble when it's run from cron.

I have noticed that commands run via cron and execute via /bin/sh, so
I tried to run the fetchmail command manually. This is what I get:

[root at scalix ~]# /bin/sh /usr/bin/fetchmail
/usr/bin/fetchmail: /usr/bin/fetchmail: cannot execute binary file

What could be the problem here? Anyone else having problems with fetchmail?

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