[CentOS] Any compelling reasons to upgrade to 5

Sun Mar 25 17:31:39 UTC 2007
Preston Crawford <me at prestoncrawford.com>

Just popped back on the list because I was curious about this. I've read
the information about virtualization and other new features. I'm just
wondering (as someone who installed CentOS 2 years ago and basically
hasn't thought much about it my OS other than using it since then) if any
piece of it except for virtualization got updated significantly enough to
consider an upgrade. My machine right now is running great. Everything is
just how I like it. Enhanced desktop search would be nice (but then I
thought Beagle was Mono and thus not included). As would a nicer version
of Gnome.

But I'm just not sure if the jump is big enough to make it worth it.
Anyone know? I'm getting that upgrade itch that comes from back in the
days when I upgraded SuSE, Mandrake, Red Hat, Fedora, etc. every 6 months.
Having a machine running solid for 2 years is weird for me and I'm getting
that itch, but I'm wondering if there isn't any solid reason to bother
with it.