[CentOS] scsi drive assignment problem

Tue Mar 27 10:58:18 UTC 2007
James Fidell <james at cloud9.co.uk>

I have a server which may or may not have a USB storage device connected
when it boots.  It also attaches to a disk array with a number of
logical disks using ISCSI.

When booted with the USB device present, that is attached to /dev/sdb
and the ISCSI disks are attached to /dev/sdc up.  If the USB device is
not present, then the ISCSI disks are attached to /dev/sdb onwards.

Is there a way to force the USB device not to be attached at all, or
to delay it until after the ISCSI disks have been attached so that I
get a predictable assignment of device names to the ISCSI disks?