[CentOS] how to replace files only if larger

Tue Mar 27 12:53:18 UTC 2007
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I am consolidating a lot of files.  I have archives of Internet drafts, 
from over the years.

I just pulled down all the current Internet Drafts.

I want to mv all my other stored IDs to this current directory ONLY if, 
they are larger.

You may be aware that when a draft is expired, a small file is left in 
the directory for some time with content like:

"This Internet-Draft has been deleted. Unrevised documents placed in the
Internet-Drafts directories have a maximum life of six months. After
that time, they are deleted. This Internet-Draft was not published as
an RFC. "

If I have the actual draft, I would like it to replace this little tab.  
But if the draft is still available, then my old archive will tend to 
have a newer date, as I use to grab IDs via FTP which would date my copy 
the date I grabbed them.  I built my current directory with wget with 
the -m option, which perserves the original file's date...

I would even be willing to do this with Nautilus, but so far it just 
tells me the file exists in the target directory and do I want to 
replace it...

Thanks for any help you can provide...


Just had a 'nasty' thought.  By using mget -m to maintain my IDs 
directory, all my efforts would be for naught, as the deleted message 
file will have a newer date than my copy of the original draft and 
overwrite it.


Got to think some more on this......