[CentOS] Cups issue - keeps re-writing cupsd.conf and mime.types

Wed Mar 28 15:11:08 UTC 2007
Justin Barth <justin.barth at gmail.com>

My Centos 4.4 server at home is serving a Samsung SCX-4521F printer,
which the *nix and Win clients connect to through ipp. Every so often
(maybe once a month), the cupsd.conf and mime.types files are updated,
which makes the printer unavailable to the clients.
My fix so far has been to stop cups, overwrite the files with
cupsd.conf.working and mime.types.working (these are backup files of
the originial working files), then start cups.
Now my question is - how simple would it be to make a bash script that
will monitor if the files have been updated, then perform the above
actions automatically? Or, how would I stop the files from being
updated in the first place?
I seem to remember coming across an article about cups-config-daemon,
which can update the files occasionally - I have disabled
cups-config-daemon in chkconfig, but somehow these 2 files are still
being updated.

Thanks for any advice!