[CentOS] Re: Add RAID after install in one disk

Thu Mar 1 02:05:25 UTC 2007
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Scott Silva wrote:

>>> I'm confused. Wouldn't you want "root (hd0,0)"
>>> because if the first drive fails, the second drive will become sda
>>> after boot.
>> You already have the grub configured on sda (original primary boot
>> device) or you can't boot. 
>> The ideea is to configure grub on sdb - or the secondary hdd -  after
>> you create the raid matrix and before anything bad happens so if the
>> Fail event happens on the sda (original primary boot device)  you will
>> boot for sure with the sdb (original secondary boot device)  moved in
>> place of sda.  
>> CM
> I think I am just remembering the hoops I had to jump through with IDe drives.
> Having a boot line with a fallback line on the different drive just in case.

In any case it is a good idea to be prepared to boot the install CD in 
rescue mode and reinstall grub if it doesn't work quite the way you 
expect when one of the drives fails.

   Les Mikesell
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