[CentOS] Virtualisation

Thu Mar 1 17:54:33 UTC 2007
Camron W. Fox <cwfox at us.fujitsu.com>

Stephen Harris wrote:
> I'm building a new server at home to handle most of my internal
> requirements (mail, news, dns, dhcp, backups being the biggies).  I also
> want it to host a couple of virtual servers which are allowed incoming
> connections from the internet (mail gateway, web server, ssh server);
> these are virtual so if a hacker _can_ break in then they're limited as
> to what they can see.
> At present the virtual machines are vserver instances on an old FC2 box.
> I'm wondering what people recommend for virtual servers these days?
> CentOS 4 with a vserver kernel?  Wait for CentOS 5 and use Xen?  VMware?
> (Vmware is the heavy solution, but it does mean I could host a windows
> session if I wanted to).  Or Solaris 10 and zones?
> Any thoughts?
Have you looked into using Centos 4 with OpenVZ?

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