[CentOS] Re: pagecache corruption on Tyan S3870

Fri Mar 2 02:16:28 UTC 2007
DamianS <dsteward at internode.on.net>

> A previous responder suggested swapping CPU's or RAM around. The RAM has been shuffled and in some cases replaced (the vendor replaced all the 1GB DIMM's with 2GB). These problems are occurring across 25 machines, so it does not seem to be isolated bad components.

Umm. I didn't say to swap components around, but to _systematically_
swap them around. BIG difference.
To make this work, you also need to ensure the mainboards are exact same
revision, have same BIOS, and bios is set to factory defaults.
If this is done properly, you can not only pinpoint faulty hardware but
faulty interaction between components.

Much easier to troubleshoot hardware than monkeying about with kernels
and associated modules.