[CentOS] Storage/SCSI Error on our CentOS server

Fri Mar 2 05:58:39 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Hairul Ikmal Mohamad Fuzi wrote:
> Just another follow up, after we swapped the SCSI host adapter, the
> storage seems to be working fine (no more read/write,access/mount
> error).
> But after a while (e.g : once or twice a in 2 days), eventhough it is
> working fine, we still got some error messages, which we guess is
> somehow similar to messages in the previous posts.
> We do not know how critical is this,but maybe you guys could give
> valuable advise or inputs (either we should also change the cables as
> well,etc).

well, out of all that state dump, what seems to be important is...

scsi5: Transmission error detected

again, as before, this can be the SCSI card, the cabling, or the target 
device.  It even could be a crappy terminator.

if your disk system is running at ultra320 speeds, you might go into the 
controller BIOS, and set all targets for max 80M transfer/sec, which is 
ultra160 speeds, and see if the errors persist.   I've run into several 
SCSI backplanes that are marginal at 160M xfer/sec (U320 speeds), but 
work fine at U160 speeds.