[CentOS] The most weird thing i've ever seen (networking)

Mon Mar 5 01:01:32 UTC 2007
Radu-Cristian FOTESCU <beranger5ca at yahoo.ca>

--- John Newbigin <jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au> wrote:
> If you use DHCP and are connected to a cisco switch, sometimes the link 
> won't come up (if you are using the default settings).
> > But i can't even ping other machines in the same intranet.

John, he said he can't even ping! What have a Cisco switch and the DHCP to do
with an interface not coming up at all?!

> > If i reboot it locally at the console, the network cames just fine.

Now, is there any difference between a local reboot and a remote one?!?!
> > The mind boggles :(

Mine too (it's 3 AM here).


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