[CentOS] Kickstart with all the latest updates?

Mon Mar 5 02:16:11 UTC 2007
Cynthia Kiser <cynthia.kiser at gmail.com>

> What is hard in CentOS-3 and CentOS-4 (roll in updates as part of the
> install) will be much easier in EL5.  The anaconda there uses yum to do
> the installs and it is as easy as pointing to the proper updates repo to
> do this in EL5.
> So ... you will be able to do this soon :P


FWIW, I wanted to do exactly what the original poster asked about -
install all the latest RPMs from the start to save the time of
installing a package that would be immediately replaced in the %post
phase. This thread tells me where to look if I want to pursue that
further. The other tactic I was considering is one a collegue of mine
uses, just install the bare minimum during kickstart and then have our
configuration manager (cfengine) install all the rest of the packages
after the first reboot. That would make my total install time faster -
but would involve a fair amount of effort on my part to change where I
specify packages for my different server classes. Since I don't have a
lot of machines and don't reinstall them very often, I decided it
wasn't worth the hassle.

Cynthia Kiser
cynthia.kiser at gmail.com