[CentOS] P5VDC-MX sata drive

Mon Mar 5 16:12:30 UTC 2007
Michael Best <mbest at pendragon.org>

Mark Quitoriano wrote:
> Hi,
> im trying to install centos 4.4 server cd on a P5VDC-MX using an 80GB 
> sata drive. centos can't detect the sata drive is there a way to make 
> this work?

I have a machine with that board, while I could install and things 
"worked" the SATA interface was in safe mode where I was only getting <5 
Mb/s on hdparm -Tt

If you can wait until Centos 5 is out, it may have better chipset 
support, personally I hacked in a FC6 kernel to get it up and running.