[CentOS] Sending traffic through Secondary IP Address

Mon Mar 5 20:26:24 UTC 2007
mike.redan at bell.ca <mike.redan at bell.ca>


> How would I, say, use nmap to do something like that?  Is 
> there a generic way to force a particular program to use a 
> secondary IP address instead of the default primary?
> But how about those programs that don't?
>     === Al

The only *generic* way that I know of, is to use IPTables to source-NAT
your outbound connections. This will work OK if you have specific
services in mind, you could just SNAT based on Destination port.can't
remember off the top of my head if IPTables can mangle traffic based on
the application...I seem to remember no, tho.

This would not work so good for nmap example you gave unfortunteatly.