[CentOS] Re: FritzCard PCI will not work

Wed Mar 7 21:52:39 UTC 2007
Felix Schwarz <Felix.Schwarz at web.de>

Frank Büttner schrieb:
> Hello, I will use CentOS 4.4 and Hylafax to build an fax server.
> But when call /sbin/capiinit I only get the error: ERROR: cannot load
> module kernelcapi
> I have build and install the kernel module for my friz card.

You mean the proprietary kernel module from AVM which is only distributed as 
binary module?

I had problems with it when using it with CentOS 4.2 I think. Finally, I 
compiled my own kernel from kernel.org and that worked fine. AFAIK this was a 
bug in the binary module (<irony>who would expect a bug in closed source 
software - never seen that before!</irony>) which was fixed (AFAIK!) some months 
later. However, I stopped using the binary driver as it did not work as stable 
as I liked. So I can't (am not willing to) help you with this closed source 

A last hint: To get a more helpful error message, try inserting the kernel 
module with insmod.