[CentOS] Centos blocked

Fri Mar 9 07:28:48 UTC 2007
Jordi Espasa Clofent <jordi.listas at yahoo.es>

> I use to leave my PC turned on for a long time, but ultimately I've
> found it blocked.  The  mouse just don't work and the keyboard leds
> are blinking and there is no HD activity.
> I'd like to know which log should I check, to find the problem or what
> should I do.
> I u need more details, please just make know how to give'em.

It seems a hardware error.
Check your hardware before check the software. You should check the CPU
fan especially, so the boxes appears totally freezed when CPU is
overwarmed; next, the mobo and the RAM.
If don't exist any hardware error, it will be time to check the software.

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