[CentOS] Custom ananconda

Fri Mar 9 14:05:57 UTC 2007
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Tronn Wærdahl wrote:
> Hello mail list
> Forgive me if i doble post, coz my first attetemt didnt go through
> Im trying to include a new selection in "Installation type" in the 
> anaconda installer when installing Centos 4.3
> I have successfull made a inclution of "my" rpms when installing the OS, 
> by modifying the  the base group in the file comps.xml
> But what im trying to do is make a new selection in the Installation 
> window [where you choose Server, desktop, custom..]
> I need some guidance about this topic, any help would be appriciated

take a look at the installclasses/ stuff inside anaconda, if you dont 
want to rebuild the installer, you can just drop updated .py files into 
an updates.img ( which goes into the /CentOS/base/ directory.

Also, if you are hosting another project on the CentOS distro, let us 
know so we can then list you on the www.centos.org website.

- KB
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