[CentOS] Centos blocked

Fri Mar 9 17:08:52 UTC 2007
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Dago Pacheco wrote:
>> ok... how can i check for the system temp or fan speed in CentOS. I 
>> tried to look for an applet to check it, but i found just for Gnome 
>> (I use KDE), so, is there any system file o command that show me that 
>> information?
> You'd be better off just putting a thermometer in there. Those
> sensors are not accurate unless calibrated, and not accurate
> if they are calibrated.
> But really, if the fan spins, and makes no noticeable noise,
> and you've dusted out the box and vacuumed it, then heat
> is not likely the culprit. 
Mine was. My drive overheated and died. Painfully. Fortunately, a blue 
ice pack under it kept it kool enough long enough to copy all the data 
off it.

I ran this system for 4 years with XP. 9 months with Linux and the drive 
toasted. Either:

The drive was 'due' to toast.
The constant drive usage compared to XP made it run hotter, longer.