[CentOS] Error on starting apache server

Fri Mar 9 17:27:32 UTC 2007
chrism at imntv.com <chrism at imntv.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> Joshua Gimer wrote:
>> From a security perspective I am not going to be held waiting for Red 
>> Hat to release a new version or patch. I install primary packages 
>> from source, this allows ME to decide when I want to install a new 
>> version. It also allows me to have more control of the features that 
>> I am installing with a package, not the ones that others have decided 
>> to be useful.
>> Some people prefer the upstream approach, I personally do not. Just 
>> my opinion, this is the advice that I give to even our Junior sys 
>> admins. The attackers that actually know what they are doing, know 
>> that people wait for a patches from the vendor; these are the people 
>> that I am worried about recieving attacks from.
> then why are you using RHEL/CentOS at all?  Why not a source based 
> distro like Gentoo ?

I agree.  The whole point of RHEL/CentOS is that the system is vetted by 
people that know a lot more about the interactions of various pieces of 
the puzzle than I do.  Almost as importantly, they also track and 
implement security patches and generally do so a LOT faster than you 
could do so yourself....assuming you had the time, energy and (most 
importantly) the skills to monitor the hundreds of mailing lists that 
track problems in all the various puzzle pieces.  So I don't compile 
ANYTHING mission critical from scratch unless I absolutely positively 
HAVE to and even then it is only as a last resort.