[CentOS] Error on starting apache server

Fri Mar 9 21:48:22 UTC 2007
mouss <mlist.only at free.fr>

Joshua Gimer wrote:
>> > then why are you using RHEL/CentOS at all?  Why not a source based
>> > distro like Gentoo ?
> Becuase I am not the one that is paying for the support contract with RH.
> IF it was up to me I would run everything on OpenBSD; but it is not.

I know valuable people who use (netbsd) pkgsrc on centos, so you could 
try that if you want...

There is no problem installing software from source, provided that you 
automate the build and the installation procedures. of course, you can 
have compilers and -devel packages on all your machines, and build on 
every machine, but besides being counter productive, this is somewhat 
too far from a "minimalist" approach (only install software you need).

one approach is to build rpms on a build machine and install them on the 
other machines.