[CentOS] LDAP Server configs

Sat Mar 10 23:21:42 UTC 2007
Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>

On Sat, 2007-03-10 at 14:09 -0800, kintaro oe wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm creating an ldap server for my network. I'm quite confuse
> about /etc/ldap.conf and /etc/openldap/ldap.conf files. What are the
> difference of those two config files? Thanks!
/etc/openldap/ldap.conf is for the openldap client applications such as
ldapsearch, ldapmodify, etc.

/etc/ldap.conf is for basically everything else (supplied not by
openldap but rather as part of nss-ldap packages)

# rpm -q --whatprovides /etc/ldap.conf /etc/openldap/ldap.conf