[CentOS] A working SIP Phone for Centos44?

Mon Mar 12 09:37:42 UTC 2007
Theo Band <theo.band at xanadu-wireless.com>

Theo Band wrote:
> John R Pierce wrote:
>> Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro wrote:
>>> On 3/10/07, *Theo Band* wrote:
>>>     I try to find a softphone that works with Asterisk and Centos44, 
>>> does
>>>     anyone has a good suggestion or is it better to buy a hardphone?
>>> AFAIK, microphone bad quality is more related to the hardware, not 
>>> the software. My onboard "Intel high definition" sound chipset (ICH7 
>>> compatible - Intel 945GNT) has a bad output sound, but a much worse 
>>> input (microphone). I have tried using Windows XP, CentOS, Ubuntu, 
>>> many softphones (Skype, X-Lite, Ekiga, Twinkle) and definitely the 
>>> problem is hardware (or all drivers are broken).
>> the output quality of the Intel branded motherboards I've used has 
>> been quite good.   Microphone inputs somewhat less so, but still 
>> plenty good enough for telephony IF your microphone has high enough 
>> gain.     If someone  is recording high fidelity (music, etc) from 
>> microphones, I recommend they get an external microphone preamp and 
>> use the line input on their sound card, or even better a USB 
>> input/output box.
>> for voice/telephony, USB headsets are the way to go.
> I also have one trust USB headset and it works, except the volume 
> cannot be adjusted, it's always max (and that's not nice for a 
> headset...).
> I have 20 desktops running FC4/Centos44 on AMD based Motherboards. The 
> sound is onboard using a Nvidia chipset. Using skype and esd/arts the 
> sound is very good, no problem. As soon as I try any of the softphones 
> the mic is heavily distorted. I can even hear a hum as if the ground 
> shielding is not properly connected. Since skype works so nice (using 
> eithers OSS or alsa) I expect this to be a software based problem not 
> hardware. And one softphone is working with FC4 (slfphone) but not on 
> Centos4.4. The mic sound is less compared to skype (there is a hiss, 
> when pronouncing the letter 's' the sound is distorted) but upto now 
> that's the only one that is acceptable for only FC4, not Centos :-(

Well I tried Twinkle and it works, but on a scale from 0 to 10 I give 
the sound a 5 were I can give the Skype sound quality a 9+. Strange that 
it seems to be so difficult to get good sound quality on Centos/FC. My 
motherboards are A8N32-SLI Deluxe and Foxconn NF4UK8AA-8EKRS both 
equipped with onboard Realtek ALC 850.
Has anyone experience (good or bad) with the Realtek ALC 850?