[CentOS] Re: LDAP Server configs

Mon Mar 12 23:59:46 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

MrKiwi wrote:

Thanks Mr Kiwi.

> centos at 911networks.com wrote:
>> On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 07:13:00 +0900
>> John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org> wrote:
>>> The means that you need to learn to use google to find how to do
>>> things. Google is faster than any mailing list, and will usually
>>> turn up better answers.
>> Let me translate your answer:
>> This mailing list is useless and should not be used.
>> Where does it say on the announcement email when I joined, that
>> this mailing list should not be used to ask question, and we
>> should drop it in favour of Google?
> Woah there centos at 911networks.com ...
> I cant quite work out if you are the same person as the original poster, 
> but that point is not relevant; your tone is.

He's not.

> You can use that tone when you're talking/emailing a paid rep/helpdesk 
> but not here. Do you really think that the community is going to leap 
> into action to help solve a problem after a snipe like that?
> If you have an axe to grind, pay for some support from (eg) RHEL - they 
> will be happy to listen.
> What John meant (imho) is that for questions like the original poster, 
> google is a more appropriate source of information. You wont find many 
> subscribers here who are willing to answer questions which clearly show 
> you/OP haven't bothered to do a 10 second search.

I have been helping people on many lists for many years - if you look up 
my name at googlism.com you will find some statements about me that are 
substantially true, but I expect people to make a decent effort to help 
themselves first

I would rather check my distro for relevant documentation, then spend 
half an hour with Google than wait the probably 24 or 48 hours to get a 
reply on any list.

If those don't help, then when I go to the list I make it clear that I 
have done some homework (or just rarely confess I don't know where to 
start, googling for a product called "word" is fairly difficult). And I 
try to provide good information for people to assess.

Mostly, when I answer, I try to tell people how to help themselves. I'd 
rather teach you how to catch a fish than give you a fish: catching fish 
is more fun.



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