[CentOS] CentOS 5 (Beta) for i386 and x86_64 is released

Tue Mar 13 14:53:38 UTC 2007
Mezei Zoltán <mezei.zoltan at telefor.hu>

Sean Brown wrote:
> > Sean Brown wrote:
> >>
> >> Thank you, this is good news. Am I correct in thinking that I will 
> >> not be able to upgrade a CentOS 5 Beta machine to CentOS 5 Final?
> >>
> > Just read the release notes, there is the answer.
> >
> > Zizi
> I'd love to, but I'm getting the same access denied as many others. I 
> can download the isos, but not read the release notes.

Upgrade path to Release Final

We don't know whats in the Final release ( if you do, please let us know 
- it will help save time when release time comes around and I promise to 
buy you a few beers ) - so the best guess situation applies here. It 
*should* be possible to upgrade to final from this beta, but in some 
cases it might break so your deployment and usage of this beta should 
take that into consideration.

The only upgrade path tested and known to mostly work for upgrading from 
CentOS-4 to CentOS-5/Beta is via the installer. Running yum against the 
CentOS-5/Beta repo's might work or it might not. We do encourage you to 
try it and post feedback on the wiki.centos.org/ so that others might 
learn from your mistakes. ( http://wiki.centos.org/Migration/5 )