[CentOS] centos 5 beta and xen

Tue Mar 13 19:49:52 UTC 2007
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

>>Jerry Geis wrote:
>>/ Hey I was wanting to play with xen on beta 5.
/>>/ I have the beta 5 installed in my turion laptop. Went smooth... (4.4 
/>>/ would not install)
/>>/ Anyway anyone know were a starting point with xen might be?>
>Have you bothered RTFM'ing a bit ?

>- KB

Well karanbir,

I have bothered looking for one... Thank you for asking so nicely.

I downloaded the ISO. 
I obviosuly installed the beta,
I tried man xen, whereis xen... 
I launched firefox thinking the first page might have a link to a manual, etc... but no...
Earlier when I tried to read the release notes I got a page cannot be displayed....

I tried doing "yum install xen" which resulted in a hung yum.

So yes I have tried a number of things - but I did not find anything.

Have a great day!