[CentOS] Via Eden

Thu Mar 15 19:35:23 UTC 2007
Dave Hatton <lists at starground.it>

I have in the past used an early VIA Mini-ITX motherboard for the basis of a

I believe (and I'm ready to be corrected) that you will need to use an i586
Linux build as the VIA processors aren’t completely compatible with the i686
instruction set.

FWIW I changed from VIA to a Pentium M based mobo for the basis of a low
power / heat server - mainly because I was having problems running multiple
(8) drives from the VIA. At the time I had a dual slot riser card with two
promise cards and it worked OK but I found it a little slow.

Hope this helps


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Hello list,

i´m looking forward to buy a new server. It should be low voltage so i´m
thinking of a via eden processor like this one -> http://tinyurl.com/3ymlkl
(sorry, there´s only a german page).

Has someone expierence in using a via eden processsor?



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