[CentOS] What is the port of Bandwidthd ?

Thu Mar 15 20:41:47 UTC 2007
Matthew Martz <mdmartz at gflug.net>

On Thu, March 15, 2007 3:26 pm, Peter Kjellstrom wrote:
> On Thursday 15 March 2007, Indunil Jayasooriya wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am running Bandwidthd on CentOS 4.4.
>> (http://bandwidthd.sourceforge.net)
> ...
>> What is the port that bandwidthd runs on?
> Use, for example, netstat or lsof to find out which port a specific
> process
> listens to. Example:
>  # lsof | grep -i list | grep bandwidthd
> /Peter

Bandwidthd does no run on a port.  Bandwidthd listens promiscuously for
internet traffic or just monitors /proc/net/ip_conntrack if I remember

If you want to see the stats then you setup an alias in Apache to the
htdocs folder for bandwidthd and view it in a web browser.
Matthew Martz
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