[CentOS] sendmail and rbl blocking - generating statistics

Thu Mar 15 20:48:37 UTC 2007
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 15/03/07, Ryan Simpkins <centos at ryansimpkins.com> wrote:
> less file; *Right data, I see the patterns*
> grep pattern file | less; *mistake*
> grep pattern2 file | less; *right, time to reduce*
> grep pattern2+pattern3 file | less; *Yes, that is right*
> What I don't like about the alternate method is where the file name lives in the
> first two lines between the comparison. Also, the pattern is before the file on the
> first grep, making it harder to adjust the pattern (which some of us need to do
> quite a lot). It makes more sense to me to just add a | on the end and keep going.
> Further, for me, it is easier to reduce data by stringing greps together rather than
> come up with the regex-fu to do it all in one pattern. Maybe if I were better at
> regex...

Do you use bash command line shortcuts?

I have CTRL-A, CTRL-E, META-F [1], META-B and META-D ingrained in my
fingers which eases the pain of things not being *quite* where you
want them.

CTRL-A - jump to beginning of line (like HOME if your terminal's setup right)
CTRL-E - jump to end of line (like END if your terminal's setup right)
META-F - forward one word at a time, like 'w' in Vi.
META-B - backward one word at a time, like 'b' in Vi.
META-D - delete one word, like 'dw' in Vi.

There are more but learning those couple be heart really helps me,
even on misconfigured terminals[2]. For example, to change the 'file'
element in...

$ something /path/to/file | alskhflkasdflasjdfljk |
lajkdhflakjsdflkasjd | alsdjkhflasdjkhf

CTRL-A ALT-F ALT-F ALT-D start typing replacement filename. Which is
much easier that it looks when actually typed out. :)


[1] Typically ALT
[2] Other people's obviously :)