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Thu Mar 15 22:58:59 UTC 2007
fredex <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007 at 05:50:50AM +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
> Paul wrote:
> >>I recently had an MB die. The only replacement I could afford that was 
> >>available quickly was an ASRock. I bought it and have been suffering 
> >>ever since.
> >
> Probably the problem is a function of the particular chipset; it could 
> arise with other brands.
> No justification for poor support or bad manners though.
> >
> >My daughter's system running FC6 on an ASRock P4i65G (intel 865G chipset
> >based) works fine ... onboard sound, video, networking, IDE & SATA. I've
> >been happy with their Intel chipset boards in the past.
> >
> >
> >>My old board had 3 parallel IDE devices. The new board can only support 
> >>2. OK. This is not special to ASRock. But ....
> >>
> >>I got 2 new SATA drives to go with it. I thought I would set them up in 
> >>a RAID configuration. Was I wrong.
> >>
> >>This MB apparently has some special BIOS code that only works with M$ 
> >>software. There is NO Linux support for it. I found other references to 
> >>this on the net.
> >>
> >>ASRock support simply replied to use the Nvidia drives from the Nvidia 
> >>site. Well they didn't solve the BIOS problem. ASRock did not reply when 
> >>I re-asked for their help.
> >>
> >>CentOS 4 will not recognize these drives.
> >>
> >>I am now using FC6 and booting with NODMRAID. By doing this I was 
> >>finally able to use booth drives. If I don't use NODMRAID, I get device 
> >>mapping and everything is fine until I reboot - there is that BIOS 
> >>problem again.
> >
> >
> >The motherboard almost certainly uses "Fake Raid" and other than
> >initially booting the OS is pretty dim.  This is the same as 99.9% of
> There's no need to be so disparaging. You want cheap RAID, you get 
> software RAID in the BIOS.
> Personally, I'd rather do the RAID in my Linux box where I can control 
> it better:-)
> >
> >My personal preference is usually Gigabyte & ASRock for budget boards
> >and Tyan & ASUS for mid to upper range desktop boards.
> I've found Gigabyte's support a bit off; "gotta have windows" to flash 
> the BIOS. This might not be a problem with more recent boards, but I've 
> been bitten, and I'm happy with alternatives.

FWIW, my Gigabyte board (3 years old now) has the BIOS flasher built
into the BIOS, so all you need is a FAT floppy with the file on it.

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