[CentOS] CentOS 5.0 Release ???

Fri Mar 16 09:53:28 UTC 2007
Plant, Dean <dean.plant at roke.co.uk>

Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> Looks like RedHat released 5.0 on schedule.  Does anyone have an idea
> when CentOS 5.0 will be ready?  I would also like to thank the CentOs
> team for what they are doing...... Thank you!!!!!!!


LXF: How quickly will the Centos project be able to move once RHEL 5 has
been released in order to release Centos 5? (Centos is a community
distro built on source packages released by Red Hat.)

Karanbir Singh, Centos 5 lead: The release plan from our side is to have
a public download available in 14 days from upstream release. The aim,
on the other hand, is to try and get it out there as soon as possible.
Unless there is some major breakage we will have the release out to our
own QA team in three to five days, and then it's up to them as to when
they consider it releasable.

This is, however, only for the main architectures that we support: i386
and x86_64. All the other supported Architectures like the PPC and IA64
will run to their own release plan. You can expect release for those
within a month from upstream.