[CentOS] Fun with CentOS and Windows

Fri Mar 16 15:49:35 UTC 2007
René Standfest <centos at standfest.net>

John Summerfield schrieb am 16.03.2007 09:23:

>> 4) Here's the bad part (sort of) - I can't boot my Windows any more.  It
>> comes part way up and reboots, whether I try to run Safe Mode 
>> (hahahahahaha)
>> or Crashing (I mean Normal) Mode.  The video card is different, and I
>> thought that might be the problem, but it should come up in safe mode no
>> matter what - no video driver loaded.  (I also went from a P4 to an Athlon
>> 64 X2 - could that be part/all of it?).
> Backup the data (Knoppix helps here, or simply find the NTFS tools), and 
> reinstall Windows. DO NOT reformat the partition, and do have a rescue 
> disk for Linux handy:-)

Only to safe your time: Try a repair installation of Windows. If you change
the MB chipset (e.g. from VIA to Nvidia or from an Intel to an AMD chipset),
windows will get a bluescreen because it the windows-kernel expects the old

But John has right, this isn't a windows-list :-)

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