[CentOS] Re: Changing from NTFS to ext3

Fri Mar 16 19:03:36 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

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> How much data do you actually need from the ntfs partitions?

All of it - it's data files, not programs, so I need everything there.
I have an enormous collection of images, movies, archives (some of which
are really trash, but as long as they're not too large, which they are
not, I'll keep 'em for historical purposes).  One of the drives I use
mainly for online backups of important data from the other drives - kind
of a hedge between DVD backups.

The two partitions that have a lot of Windows stuff on them I need
because that's where the Windows-on-vmware stuff I'll be using lives.
I'm of more than half a mind to ditch the whole C drive partition,
though.  I don't think there's any valuable data there, just programs.

E.g., although it has many drawbacks, I really like the organizational
and thorough search capabilities of Outlook, and I've been using it for
far too long as my mail filer at home to think about conversion.  Having
all the data in one place is too convenient.  (I.e., I'm lazy in that

> There is no use keeping everything, as most of it will be useless to
> linux.

Just the programs.  The data is still needed.

> Is there some room on the drive for an extra partition?
> You could create a fat32 partition large enough to hold the data you
> to keep, and dump the rest.

Ick - again, no real need as long as I don't actually run Windows on the
hardware directly any more.