[CentOS] What's the best way to convert a whole set of file systems?

Fri Mar 16 23:54:53 UTC 2007
Jeff Lasman <blists at nobaloney.net>

On Thursday 15 March 2007 02:24 pm, John Summerfield wrote:

> If you want to share data with Windows on (eg) your laptop, it's a
> very nice solution. If you don't have Windows and Linux on the same
> system, the need is way less likely to exist.

I take it the <wry grin> didn't deter you or Les from straight replies 

Usually this bit of what appears to be flame-bait just gets me something 
like "if you don't have Windows you don't need to run it".  To which I 
generally respond, I have Windows.  Just not on the same machine.


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