[CentOS] CentOS 5 Beta on a MacBook Pro

Mon Mar 19 01:15:31 UTC 2007
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On Mar 18, 2007, at 6:17 PM, Benjamin Smith wrote:

> On Sunday 18 March 2007, Mailing Lists wrote:
>> FYI, I just installed CentOS 5 beta with the SMP kernel in a VMWare
>> fusion virtual machine on my 2.33 GHz 15 inch MacBook Pro.
> Can you boot CentOS on a MacBook as the native O/S? (EG: NOT in  
> VMWare or
> Parallels)


I had to tell the installer to explicitly install Grub on the master  
boot of the hard drive (under advanced options).  The install  
completed and the system booted normally.  The usb ports, keyboard,  
screen and touchpad all work.  The sound card did not work, but I  
haven't played around with that yet.  It also installed the battery  
charge indicator which worked perfectly.  I was able to suspend the  
system and it even pulsed the light on the latch like it does under  
the Mac OS, but resuming the system did not wake up the screen.

The things that didn't work are minor -- so I would say CentOS 5 runs  
pretty well on the Intel Macs.