[CentOS] Can't boot to init 3

Mon Mar 19 05:12:38 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhullrich at gmail.com>


Of course, I had to compile the kernel so the nvidia installer could build
its driver (couldn't find it on the nvidia.com site!), but my screen is now
where it should be - 1280x1024, using the NVIDIA Generic (unknown) card....
It does some strange things, like leave a vertical bar when I left arrow at
each stopping point in my gmail editor, but that clearsa as soon as I type
something.  So it's not perfect, but what a difference!

Thanks!  Now I can actually use this thing!



On 3/18/07, Barry Brimer <lists at brimer.org> wrote:
> > Problem is, I can't get to init level 3.  If I run 'init 3' from a root
> > command line, it starts to go down, waits until I type something
> (anything),
> > then begins heading for init 3 and stops dead right after starting
> anacron.
> > The only way to revive it is to reboot.
> After typing 'init 3' and X exits, hold down your 'Alt' key and press 'F1'
> to move to the first virtual terminal.  If that doesn't work for you,
> reboot, and when grub comes up, append a '3' to the kernel line and for
> that boot only you will go into runlevel 3.
> Barry

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