[CentOS] Hardware RAID monitoring

Mon Mar 19 10:43:26 UTC 2007
Devraj Mukherjee <devraj at gmail.com>

I am using a PowerEdge 1850 with an Adaptec hardware RAID controller

On 3/19/07, Ryan Simpkins <centos at ryansimpkins.com> wrote:
> On Sun, March 18, 2007 02:19, Devraj Mukherjee wrote:
> > Hi Everyone,
> >
> > Any ideas of tools that one can use to report errors etc for hardware RAID?
> >
> This depends entirely on the hardware and its driver. Some manufactures like 3ware
> give you a utility to monitor and control the card. Others write information in to
> /proc or /sys. Others (HP and Dell come to mind) require companion services to be
> running and might function through SNMP.
> If you are unsure you should contact the hardware vendor. It may be the vendor you
> chose does not fully support Linux, or only supports it in a limited capacity.
> -Ryan
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